What's The Use

…of having a blog if you can’t sneak in a little surprise once in a while?  Besides, I really love this outfit, and I don’t get enough chances to wear it.

So what’s up, you may ask?  Well, just a little festive occasion for one of our favourite bloggers, Pia (aka: forget-me-not). 

Please join me in wishing Pia (over at her blog!) and her wonderful husband a very happy




and many, many more blessed years together! 


12 thoughts on “What's The Use

  1. As I walk into the room, I see the gang all here!
    And there is stunning FMN and her hunky hubby!
    A toast! I have brought 2 silver toasting flutes for champagne.
    Ready everyone? Glasses at the ready? ….”CHEERS” to the Happy Couple!
    ps..love your outfit,Gabrielle!

  2. teresa, I will change into something a little more attractive for the festivities!

    I know you might not be able to see the YouTube, teresa 😦 but it shows clips of Audrey Hepburn dancing, and the song is, “I Could Have Danced All Night”.

  3. ROFL!!!
    What a busy day, and now I’m dizzy after all that daahhncing! Whew! I need to put my feet up!

    Gabrielle, you will never cease to amaze me..I ‘m willing to bet that one of these days you might just knock on my front door, just to surprise me!

    What a lovely gift, ladies. Audrey is my all time favorite actress and if you stop over my place, I’ll treat you with something else from her repertoire. Something that resembled my adventure, though mine had a happier ending!

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  5. Wow! So appropriate. Let’s all raise a glass to the wonderful couple … CONGRATULATIONS!
    “Love is not two people gazing into each others eyes…
    But two people gazing together in the same direction”

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