Eight Random Facts Meme

I was tagged for this meme by Judy, our Mystical Midget, and also by Ann, at Poetry, Prayer, and Praise, in her post of June 18th called, “Reasons to love”.  Here are the rules:

  • I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
  • Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write their own post about their eight things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

Well, I guess I don’t mind revealing a few more things, but remember, random is the operative word.

  1. My knees are starting to give out, despite the fact that I’m convinced, and have told them so, that they’re definitely too young for this to be happening.
  2. When I was in Grade 9 I took typing, and for a year I typed everything that anybody said to me in my head, at approximately 130 words per minute. 
  3. I learned to swim when I was twenty-nine years old.  I signed myself up for beginners adult lessons being offered at the local YM/YWCA.  I was very proud of myself and pleased with the program, particularly since I had been so disappointed with the aerobics class (which consisted of a woman in her seventies teaching us how to dance with flowing scarves). 
  4. I am a bit of a chocoholic.  I do not have anxiety attacks if there is none in the house, but I have been known to whimper – just loudly enough for someone to get in his car and drive to the drugstore.  He’s a good man, he is, and I do not even have to explain to him about seratonin.
  5. Speaking of drugstores, I once flew out of the drugstore with an emergency purchase which we were in a frantic hurry to deliver to someone.  I flung myself into the car yelling something along the lines of, “Let’s move it!”  Unfortunately, it was a similar but wrong car, with a similar but wrong man at the wheel.  It has never happened since.
  6. My mother taught me how to paint and wallpaper when I was a child, then she progressed to teaching me all things relative to repairs/maintenance (my dad had died when I was little).  Caretakers in apartment buildings where I lived as a young woman used to borrow things out of my toolbox.  I never understood all the fuss about feminism.  Just do it.
  7. Sometimes I tip over for no apparent reason.  I should probably look into that, but in the meantime, it’s a source of amusement for the family.
  8. This last one may help you to understand me a little bit better, and if it does, could you please let me in on it?  Several months ago, teenage son, in all seriousness, asked me:  “Mom, why is it you know so many things that no one else knows, but you never seem to know anything that everyone else knows?”  What could I say, except, “I don’t know”?

I’m breaking the rules here and won’t be tagging eight people, but if you read this and want to do the meme, just tell us in the combox, and we’ll head over to read all about you!  Until next time, I remain, yours truly, the tippy one with unreliable knees, the one who used to float through a room like Isadora Duncan.


15 thoughts on “Eight Random Facts Meme

  1. Revelations! You’ve made me laugh, Gabrielle…and your children’s remarks remind me very much of my children who don’t hold back with the truth…but thankfully it’s usually in small doses. And thanks for adding the link to the blogroll.

  2. Gabrielle — this was wonderful. I would keep an eye out regarding the *tipping over* issue – make sure no sharp objects are around, dear one 🙂

  3. The comment that was instinctively on my own lips, when I finished reading your “8 random facts”, was exactly the same as Penni’s….this WAS wonderful! I am grinning (inside and out) after reading all these interesting little tidbits about what makes you who you are…..

    As for your son’s comment…I briefly reflected on that one. To me, it means that you are completely & utterly unique – that your perceptions in life are your own, and are often right on target….maybe because you pay attention – and move forward with courage, consistency & conviction – and because you are so honest. (I think it was a real compliment he gave you!) This might be SOME kind of an answer to his (rather insightful & poignant) question: “why is it you know so many things that no one else knows, but you never seem to know anything that everyone else knows?” This seems even more likely, after reading about your childhood experiences, and your creative ways of problem solving. Sounds like you might have been able to say something similar about your own mother….

    Thanx for sharing these. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every single one. 🙂


  4. ROFL! Chocoholic, swimming, hopping into the wrong car? It’ll likely not come as shock that daughter and I hopped into a car after shopping –but the key wouldn’t turn. We looked at each other at the same moment, then turned around in tandem, to see my car about two aisles back.. I’m proud of you for learning to swim, too. Isn’t it wonderful? (But hey, what was wrong with my scarves? We could’ve used feather boas if you preferred, all you had to do was say so.)

    Why do you tip over? Inner ear, low blood sugar, or is it what my mom attributed hers to: someone slanted the floor?

    I enjoyed your 8. I’ll be praying for your knees.

  5. Hi everybody! Sharp objects! Yes, indeed, a constant source of anxiety for the tippy one, penni! And now that you mention it, gypsy, slanted floors could be the problem – I guess everyone else has just adapted to them better than I have! Pia, Ann, Kristin, you’ve brought joy to my day, as usual! They are painting my office at work, so I’m home today (catching up on the ironing, etc.) I won’t go into the etc. I may not even do the etc.

  6. I loved your random facts and while I can’t explain to you the meaning of what your son said, it seems like a compliment. Who needs to know what everybody else knows? If everybody does know it, you can just ask them.

  7. Hi Suzanne. It seems like a compliment? Well then, I’ll take it!
    I like your nonchalent, devil-may-care approach; rather reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “Who needs to know what everybody else knows?” Yes. I like it.

  8. gabrielle–
    love the 8 and i agree with suzanne. your son’s comment leaves you sounding quite brilliant and mysterious 🙂 and who can beat audrey hepburn???
    (btw–my 8 are up at my site.)

  9. Oh, Gabrielle, my knees have been making a lot of noise for the past two years! Initially I thought the wood stairs were getting creaky, then I thought it was my shoes, but now I am painlessly (in the sense they haven’t started hurting…yet) aware that my joints need a bit of oil like the tin man in the Wiz of Oz.
    Do you think that’s a sign they’re giving out too??

  10. Hi, Lucy! Well, brilliant is out of the question, but I think everyone should have a little bit of “mystery” about herself/himself – keeps us on our toes! I’ll be over to see your “eight” toute suite.

    Pia, all I can say is, mine started with creaking as well, but this is not to discourage you. I think it runs in the maternal side of my family, so yours may not turn out to be anything in the long run.

  11. Hi Gabrielle,

    Thanks for doing this! What a hoot! You reminded me of the time I got confused and walked into the mens’ room at Howard Johnson’s. I’ll never forget the look on the guys’ faces!



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