Immaculate Heart of Silence


From, Handmaid of the Lord“, by Adrienne von Speyr:

“The Mother knows how one receives God’s mysteries.  Only in a distance of reverence, in adoration, in loving honor and shrouding can one even approach the divine things.  They are not, like any facts of history or science, to be learned without preparation; the air of the heavenly mystery-world clings to them so much that they are only perceptible in a shroud of silence, prayer and contemplation.  The Mother now creates by her silence and contemplation that atmosphere in which alone we too can fruitfully receive the mysteries of the Lord.  When she passes on to the Church the mysteries contemplated by her and borne in the womb of her spirit, it is not without giving something of her own contemplation as well.  Thus it comes about that Christians can find only in the hidden silence of Mary’s heart the true access to the interior world of the Son.  Precisely the Marian prayers – novenas, litanies, the Rosary – are prayers which need and create peace, distance, time.  They are all an exercise in the Mother’s contemplation which mediates the contemplation of the Son.”


22 thoughts on “Immaculate Heart of Silence

  1. Saw your comment in my email first, before the second one, and thought, “test? what test? Oh no, did my “test” post accidently get published, the one where I try everything I don’t know how to do, the one where nothing works?” 🙂 Yes, all is really a test, isn’t it?

    Was able to go to Adoration yesterday, and tried to remember as many of you and your intentions as I could, and our Laura, of course. I was so happy I was able to go.

    Also happy to have found Adrienne von Speyr. Always wonderful to have insights from the mystical experience, which is so very difficult to put into words, but thankfully, some people try, and succeed as much as is possible.

    Will try to make visits tonight. Am running terribly behind, on all fronts. It’s June, and I haven’t even washed the windows yet. All the birds look dusty.

  2. I love birds…except those greedy seagulls.

    Yes I do find the marian prayers peaceful. MAny times when I am troubled or upset and cannot find peace, I will just pick up my rosary and find that peace.

    Ever fall asleep just holding your beads? Or am I the only one?

  3. 🙂 Well, out of the two of us, you’re the only one. It’s too much a matter of confusion which beads to pray on.. the black ones that came from some priest or nun in my husband’s family’s history, or my husband’s from when he was a boy, or mine from when I and my P.F. Flyers flew, or my mom’s gorgeous red aurora borealis which are blessed which are big enough for a Sister of Mercy to hold, or the green hearts ending in a Celtic crucifix, or the little plastic blue ones sent, or Aunt Jeanie’s solid silver ones. If I had some made of olive wood from Jerusalem, there’d be no decision to make as to which, but until them, am I the only one who has that confusion?

  4. I was at a little BBQ this afternoon and evening, hosted by a friend and coworker. Someone, out of the blue, spoke to me of how cute it was watching little birds bathing in the sand and dirt, just as gypsy had said. I took this as a sign. The windows can wait.

    fmn says she always falls asleep saying her rosary, and I certainly have on many occasions. It’s just a little embarrassing when it’s in the middle of a group of women at church. But the fact of the matter is, I could fall asleep holding a cheeseburger.

  5. ROFL!! I fell asleep while before the monitor one night.. ended up with “F, G, H, J” embedded just above my eyebrows. Had to replace my whole head, lest everyone keep on trying to guess my sin.

    The rosary.. well.. I think I want to post something on praying it.. actually, I’ve saved two drafts toward that so far, but it may be a bigger task than me, but just in case, I’ll hush up on it for now.

    Goodie.. a sign. 🙂

  6. Any prayer or hymn to Mary always calms me as I think of her as Queen of Heaven, surrounded by the angels and the saints. I was given three sets of rosaries within a two week period, and took this as a sign that I ought to pray. I’m ashamed to say I don’t pray it often enough and never finish it. So, some writing on the rosary would be very welcome from any of Mary’s many devotees.

  7. LOL LOL LOL! You gals are too much!

    As for rosary collections, I think we all have sets to choose from and switch every now and then.

    I have a ‘quiet’ set which I have in my purse to use in church..I don’t want to disturb others with noisey beads. So I use a very small rosary with wooden beads when I pray before mass, etc.

    During group rosaries, I use my favorite set of pearl beads which was blessed by a very dear priest; many good memories and answered prayers accompany this rosary.

    I have others which just sit in the draw , and other broken ones which I wish I could give away for someone to make and give away…some of the beads are expensive with sterling silver parts. If anyone wants to take these and remake them, send me an email.

  8. Hi everybody! Speaking of rosary collections, I have about 25 rosaries in a glass showcase coffee table in my livingroom. My favorite is made of olive wood beaded together with a cord, not metal links. I’d bought it in Nazareth in a very special place, the community of Little Brothers of Charles de Foucauld, and I slept with that until a couple of years ago, when it all but fell apart. Now I use a sky blue rounded bead one that my boss got me when he went to Lourdes. My rosary collection is second only to my creche collection!

    I start off praying but fall asleep almost right away. Someone once told me that the angels finish rosaries we start, and he said he expects the angels will be waiting for him with arms crossed and stern looks when he dies, lol. My eldest son confessed a few weeks ago that he sleeps with his wooden jubilee chaplet Id’ got him in Castel Gandolfo. He said he feels safe when he’s holding on to that. Lorenzo has a collection of crosses, saint’s cards, and his passionist necklace under his pillow. It’s getting crowded in there!

  9. You have created a very beautiful place with this website. You have always managed to present your site in a visually engaging way but this new format, for some reason, seems very bright, colorful and alive. It is a good place for refugee souls to take asylum.

  10. Hi again, everyone, and a special hello to our Driftwood!

    Ann, there’s also two links in my sidebar which you might like; one is, “Rosaries of Divine Union”, and the other is, “The Rosary and Contemplative Prayer.”

    teresa, see that little typo in your comment? I was going to go in and change draw to drawer for you, but then I realized that if you said it out loud, it would sound just like your “Boston” accent, so I left it!

    fmn, a friend at church brought me back a little chaplet from Mejugore, but when I brought it home, my son immediately asked if he could have it, and it’s on the table right beside his bed.

    Terry, thank you so much! That’s especially heartening to hear, since I have had to try five or six templates at this new location. And I don’t like changing asylums every second day…

  11. What a lovely post and how interesting it was to read all your comments on the rosary. I just got my first one a few weeks ago. I truly love praying the rosary! (and I to have fallen asleep while doing it). 😉 oh. and the pronunciation of Joakim is in Swedish:
    Jo (as in you) a (as the u in lucky) and kim as in the name Kim (ki (as in kick) and m (as in m&m’s). In Hebrew they have that gurgling sound in stad of k: Joachtcthkchim) 🙂

  12. Joakim, we are so happy for you, that you have entered the Catholic Church officially now. It really touches my heart that you have your very first rosary now, and I was enjoying looking at all the pictures of the Blessed Virgin in the sidebar at your site.

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