Without Measure

Mystical Landscape (Johannes Tanner)
Mystical Landscape Johannes Tanner

“Contemplation presupposes a dying to self: a dying to one’s own will and to all of the gifts of understanding and seeing bestowed on man. To desire to exist, not in the I, but in the Thou; without restriction, without a measuring of distance, without a feeling of one’s own unworthiness, and thus in the faith of a child who has been called and, through the call, has been drawn forward.

It is no game; it is no make-believe; rather, it is an integration that God himself has demanded: we have to contemplate the Lord with the Lord’s own eyes.”
(Adrienne von Speyr: Light and Images. Elements of Contemplation)


6 thoughts on “Without Measure

  1. without a feeling of one’s own unworthiness…whew!
    Bringing my emptiness and ‘me’ just as I am…faults and all…for His grace , infinite Love,forgiveness and help.
    He yearns to have me approach in my need of Him, not to huddle in some corner bemoaning unworthiness.
    True humility causes me to come to Him, not to run.
    Today I am spending a lot of time on the blogs….something I have not done in months, and I am finding a lot to take through the week.
    Thank you for this today, Gabrielle

  2. “we have to contemplate the Lord with the Lord’s own eyes.”

    Would we really have it any other way?

    And now I have to go contemplate some old bodies and find some way for my molecules to make life easier for their molecules, because they’ve been sanctified, and are being purged..

  3. The dying to self bit certainly isn’t for the faint hearted…but the writings of the mystics encourage us. Your site is living up to its name, Gabrielle….it’s great to see how the introduction of a topic attracts so many varied comments, yet there is unity or unified purpose all the same.

  4. Thanks all, for visiting, and so good to have you back, teresa! I apologize for the delay; was having so much trouble with my template again, I had to try about five of them last night…

    It’s interesting, isn’t it, and so challenging, that this dying of the false self actually leaves us “integrated”; I’ve read the exact same thing in Keating and Merton many times.

  5. Hi, Rosemary. Hope all is going well with your busy end-of-school-year schedule of activities (but I imagine you’re kept on the run most of the year.)

    I only found out about the mystic Adrienne von Speyr a few years ago, but have read several of her books since then. They are very powerful.

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