In Memoriam

I do have a Part II to my previous post, which I hope will be up before long.  But I want to take this moment to say goodbye to our dear friend and fellow-blogger, Terry.  I had this picture (not a good one) of his former site, which I used in the video I made about three years ago in honour of my blogger friendships.  I’m so glad I saved the photos I used.

The Road to Kingdom Come

I would also like to share a beautiful poem by Kate Marshall Flaherty.  Peace be with you, Terry.  You were very loved.

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5 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. I am still very upset by this news. I had spoken to Terry a few times on the phone, but I’d had no contacts with him since the last comment I made on his last post.
    Having experienced the suicide of a loved one, my heart truly goes out to his family. I still have the story he sent me about his sister’s battle with cancer. I believe he never got over that devastating experience. God only knows what was in his heart, and he is finally safe now. I just hope his family will be strong enough to weather this blow.

  2. So here I am, sobbing after seeing that video again…How touching that the post that was featured on my blog page was ‘The Dance of Life, Death, and Resurrection…” where I talk about Terry and the beautiful connections I made with his input, and yours…amazing. God is good. :-)

  3. Did you find out about Terry via MPD? I mentioned his death to her when she began blogging again. I first noticed him missing in action for too long and kept a watch on his sight. In 2013 I say the notice left by a relative in the comment box of what became his final post, one that was made long before his death. She explained, circumspectly that Terry had ended his own life. Depression is a terrible task master and it is no less so for someone who has a genuine and living faith. I sometimes pray for his soul and for his loved ones who are left behind.

    Terry’s site remained online for quite some time and I would go back and look at the final post, finding no indicators, really, of the tragedy to come. I would read his relatives repeated comments made over several days – perhaps she wasn’t sure they had gone through? – and then on the day Pia returned to blogging I thought to check The Road to Kingdom Come again; I don’t know why as I did not expect to find any change. Alas, there was a change, the whole site was gone; probably the web hosting had finally expired. So, another prayer and a final goodbye with the hope of, I then wrote Pia to let her know that link was down and why.

    God willing I myself will join our brother Terry, whenever God wills it, there in heaven with all the saints gathered together in the Light of the presence of the Eternal Word, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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